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The Juvo Products Story


juv.o (verb, latin)  juvo, juvare, juvi, jutus

To help, assist, aid, support, serve, further; please, delight, gratify


The Juvo story is simple and straightforward.

We are a new company with a basic formula:

Focus on product design + Focus on the needs

of Active Seniors = Helpful solution-oriented lifestyle products. Products that look

good, work well and help you live actively… 




Juvo Products was founded in 2008 by Park Owens after a successful twenty plus year career with several different consumer products companies focused on new product innovation, marketing, sales and general management in the U.S. and abroad. Park has over 25 years experience designing, engineering and manufacturing innovative new consumer products in North America, Europe and Asia.


Personal family experience trying to find quality assistive products was the catalyst behind Juvo. Frustration turned into an idea that turned into a business plan that is now Juvo Products, the company. 


Since inception, 16 innovative products including the reacher grabber tool have been added to the Juvo range. Each speaks to style and solving a specific problem. Extensive and ongoing consumer research into the needs of Seniors and people with mild disabilities has opened our eyes and minds to a new level of product + solution potential. This is our mission.

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