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Travel Seat + Cane



Walk. Rest. Repeat!

This double-duty travel companion provides welcome balance and stability when you're walking, and quick relief when you need rest. Lightweight with a sturdy seat and 250 pound capacity.

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Peace of mind when on the go . . .


A cane with seat in one, this next-generation product is the perfect “stop and go” travel companion, whether you’re on an extended trip or just out on the town.


This cane with chair provides balance and stability. Unfold, and the seat offers temporary relief when you need it.


Carry a little extra peace of mind when you’re out and about, with the Travel Seat + Cane!

The perfect travel companion - a walking cane with seat that offers balance support and temporary relief
  • A chair cane that easily slides open and closed from temporary seat to walking cane
  • Reinforced, wider seat for more comfort
  • Lightweight, yet sturdy 7/8” aluminum tubing
  • Soft, rubberized comfort handle
  • Elegant, contemporary style
  • 250 lbs. capacity
  • Top of cane to floor dimension: 34"
  • Seat open to floor dimension: 20.5"
  • Seat width 9"
  • Seat depth 9.5"

Average Rating from 7 reviews

Stuart Wilber says
bright starbright starbright starbright starbright star
Because of scoleosis and an arthritic back, I have been dealing with a pinched nerve which requires my sitting down often to relieve pressure and excruciating pain in my leg. After a flight to Rome which involved a 3 hour layover in Canada and public transportation into the city, I could hardly walk and considered cancelling most of our 3 way vacation. Thanks to my Juvo Cane/Seat, I was able to continue our trip. On the street, in Museums, waiting for a taxi - I just popped out the seat and sat whenever I needed relief. This product was a life saver. I don't leave the house without it anymore.

Bnewman says
bright starbright starbright starbright starbright star
This travel seat and cane is a wonderful product. I would certainly purchase Juvo products in the future!

K.M. says
bright starbright starbright starbright starbright star
This great little seat is compact & lightweight enough to go anywhere! Great product!

Karen says
bright starbright starbright starbright starbright star
Thank heavens! I ordered this out of desperation, and without much in the way of expectations, but I was going on a 3 week tour of India and I just knew my arthritis would not allow me to stand in the heat and the humidity to listen to tour guides. I had a portable seat, but it was low and I felt like I was looking at people's knees. So! The chair/cane let's me sit at an almost normal chair height. (I am 5'6") I can sit and get up gracefully. It is QUICK and EASY to set up/take down. The weight and handle make it work almost as well as a regular cane. It fits into the overhead compartments on planes. (It was GREAT to have it in those long lines waiting to check in at airports!) I wore pants/shorts or (my favorite) a split skirt (culottes) and was comfortable sitting on it. You do have to straddle this, but it is smooth and easy and gives you a great feeling of stability. The nifty thing about sitting this way is that the handle becomes a great place to brace your camera. As a result, I got some wonderful photos in low light places. Only people with tripods did as well as I did shooting in low light! Others in the group looked at me with envy and I sometimes felt guilty being comfortable - I could have sold a bunch of them on the spot! I'm going to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston in a few days for a gallery tour/lecture. This will go with me!

Allan says
bright starbright starbright starbright starbright star
I just purchased a Juvo travel seat and cane. Its a little short for me because its non adjustable, but thats ok because it wasn't meant to be used all the time. The first time I tried sitting on it I thought it was pretty unstable. My eyesight is weak, and I didn't see the warning labels on the device. I was very happy when I looked at the video on your website and saw that I was sitting on the chair backwards. Its much better now. I have multiple issues with disabilities. When my feet go numb, and my legs get weak, I need to sit down for 5 minutes immediately. Occasionaly I get dizzy spells and feel like passing out. The ability to sit down anywhere immediately will greatly increase my safety. I wish all three legs had adjustable length tips on them to make it more useful for tall and short people. The seat could be made great with a simple project. I am going to get a scrap of memory foam, and a piece of custom upholstry vinyl, and devise a good looking seat cushion for it. Maybe some nice color spray paint for the legs, and it won't look so dorky. I guess if you are 95 you don't care much about what the mobility products look like, but if your younger, too many of the aluminum devices look like they came out of a physical therapy dept. Since I no longer have anything to do since I became disabled, maybe I will work on a video series for YouTube called "Pimp My Cane!" Every month I could take a mundane looking mobility product, and make them look fashionable so people will stop looking with pity as you stumble by them. My favorite TV show is "The Walking Dead". Those poor folks could really use some canes, crutches, and wheeled walkers. Wouldn't it be funny to see that happen?

Anonymous says
bright starbright starbright starbright starbright star
I had a cheap one of these - bought at a store. It was really cheap.

This is a much better product.

Dale S. says
bright starbright starbright starbright starbright star
Really handy. I keep this in the trunk of my car. I had hip surgery last year and this seat cane helps me get around. Sturdy but light. Thank you. dale s.

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