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Juvo Products started ten years ago with a purpose: 
to create products for people who need a little help… that look better and work better than the alternative.
At the time I was spending considerable time caring for my elderly father. I spent
a lot of time looking for products that could help him get around. 
I was continuously discouraged and frustrated with the old-fashioned, sad looking products that were available in the market. 
I kept thinking – I wouldn’t want to buy that for myself or my father. So…, after much deliberation I decided to leave the
corporate-world and put my 25 years of new-product-development, marketing, general management experience to work and start a 
new company.  


Six years later we have brought over 50 new products to market that all strive to be best-of-class solutions – that empower individuals with limited mobility to freely carry out their daily activities.



The Juvo Team is comprised of seasoned veterans with significant background in consumer products marketing, operations, general management. Our common thread 
is honesty, openness and a desire to make great products that help people.


“Assistive products of superior
 design, usefulness and value.”





We make great products because we listen, study, analyze... 
Our Juvo Advisory Panel is comprised of Occupational Therapists,
Physical Therapists and Registered Nurses. All have deep experience working with patients with various conditions on a daily basis. We
listen, study, analyze various common conditions such as Arthritis and constantly focus on how existing or new products might help.

Next, we brainstorm, design products using best-of-class product designers and engineers right here in Chicago.


Once we have a product design that thoroughly meets the needs of the condition and user that we are studying – we invest. Most of our products are proprietary – meaning they are designed and engineered right here in Chicago and manufactured specifically for Juvo to our exacting standards.

We hope you find our website, product pages, and blog
useful in searching for assistive products that truly help people
with their daily activities. We welcome any and all feedback
or ideas that can make our company and our products better.



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