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Press Release - Gilze, the Netherlands and Barrington, Illinois - Juvo Products, LLC and Vitility In

Juvo Products, LLC and Vitility International B.V. have entered into a new partnership agreement whereby both companies will work together toward common goals - designing, marketing and selling high quality Daily Living Aid, Bath Safety Aid and Mobility Aid products for consumers. The two companies will collaborate on marketing and sales activities and new product development. Juvo will become the exclusive distributor of Vitility products in the U.S. market as part of this agreement.

"This is a win, win for both companies", according to Juvo Products President and Owner, Park Owens. "Both companies share a similar vision for helping people with mobility restrictions. The needs are universal, regardless of the country. We focus on providing these consumers and the marketplace with innovative, next-generation product solutions that really work. Vitility's strength is the European market; Juvo's strength is the U.S. market. We intend to be synergistic and help each other succeed in our respective markets."

February 2018

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